About Us

It’s been 30 years since West Coat Spine and it’s colleagues have founded the Health private medical clinic. Importantly, the basic principles of our operations have stayed the same to this day.

We always put these 5 principles above everything else and we apply them in our medical practice daily:
  1. Focusing on our staff experience, rather than its size
  2. Using the best, most advanced medical equipment
  3. Providing affordable prices to all of our services
  4. Keeping close touch with our colleagues for a 2nd opinion
  5. Covering as wide a range of surgeries as possible

Welcome to west coast spine

Our Mission

Our mission as health care specialist is to provide one-on-one personalized care to help individuals with musculoskeletal conditions by utilizing hands-on, evidenced based techniques to enhance wellness and performance throughout life.

Our Vision

You can expect to see your PT with one-on-one time with individualized therapy services every visit. They will provide detailed examinations and education about why you have pain and how to avoid it from returning. Utilizing evidenced based medicine including manipulative therapy and the latest technology.

Our History

For over 30 years, we have proudly contributed to the well-being of the residents in the Riverside area. We are committed to expand upon our original vision and philosophy by focusing on patient care. We are proud to have some of the very finest physical therapy professionals as part of our team.

Mission Statement

West Coat Spine was founded to provide the highest quality, evidence-based Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. We strive to be known as the “The Center of Excellence for Orthopedic Physical Therapy”. Clinical expertise and outstanding customer service are the hallmarks of our facility. Each patient will receive individualized quality hands-on care and appropriately designed treatment programs delivered with integrity and professionalism.


Quality Care

West Coat Spine delivers the highest quality of rehabilitative care provided by licensed Physical Therapists. Our Therapists have completed hundreds of post-graduate education hours and have received several additional certifications beyond formal physical therapy education. We feel strongly that you are paying for the highest quality of care, and deserve one-on-one attention at each visit. We strive to stay abreast of the current, evidence/research to guide our treatment plans. By seeing a physical therapist who subscribes to Evidence Based Practice it is likely you will improve at a faster rate allowing you to return to activities of daily living, work, and sports sooner. This allows us to deliver the best possible care to you in a cost effective manner.

You deserve the best possible solution to help you get back to being you.
— Karen Stevens

To find long-lasting relief from your pain or physical limitations, you need access to high-quality specialists that will listen to your story and make sure they understand your goals. That’s the West Coat Spine way.

Here's  how it works

  • Tell Us Your Story: As soon as you reach out, we begin getting to know your story. By making sure we understand your current limitations as well as your goals for the future, we’re able to craft a plan to get you back to living life the way you want to.
  • Get Personalized Care: Our specialists design a personalized plan uniquely to align with your needs and goals, because we know that no two patients are exactly alike.
  • Benefit from Ongoing Support: Your therapist will track your progress through each visit, monitoring your progress so we can adjust your plan as needed and set realistic goals for your future.

Ready to start living your best life again?

We’re happy to help.