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ver imagen de menores d edad desnudamenover imagen de menores d edad desnuda The West Coast Spine Restoration Center (WCS) is therapist owned and operated . West Coast Spine Restoration Center prides itself in the careful documentation of treatment outcomes as well as constantly researching diagnostic and therapeutic methods that will help our patients.

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West Coast Spine
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Mission Statement

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West Coast Spine Restoration Center is dedicated to providing quality and cost-effective treatment for injured persons. Our goal is to serve the community at large by effectively treating and educating patients with spine, hand and extremity dysfunction and by providing state-of-the-art rehabilitation utilizing objective quantification measures.

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QFCE: Quantitative Functional Capacity Evaluation

The QFCE is a battery of tests of functional capacity
Results of test are compared to Normative Data
Objective rather than subjective testing
Evaluates patient effort
Results indicate length of therapy required
Determines patient’s functional capacity to return to the workplace
Spine, hand and extremity injuries
Cumulative trauma disorders
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Research-based spine restoration programs
Highly educated and trained staff
Quantitative progress results based on OBJECTIVE rather than subjective pain complaints

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“[West Coast Spine] is like no other I’ve been to. I’ve tried three other clinics before I found you, and I’ve never had the care and treatment that you at West Coast Spine provide.”

– Tamara C.

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